Tuesday, 28 October 2014


So school huh? Pretty bad life to be honest if you think about it. School from the age of about two or three and then work till retirement. Great. Not time to rest at all. Thanks for that British education system! Anyhow going slightly more onto the subject. School may seem stressful and boring especially if you are in year seven or eight. But when you reach year nine everything suddenly kicks in that your gcse's are a few years away. I don't like that thought. And with less energy and time in year nine everything gets harder. I am in Year nine and I am suddenly taking everything really seriously. I am writing extra on home works and trying my hardest in lessons. In year eight I basically messed around constantly. I am still my crazy self and have the funniest times with my friends but I am taking work a lot more serious. I want to be a wedding dress designer when I'm older. Well I do at the moment but I need to work on all my subjects incase that folds and I have to get a normal job. Hopefully that won't happen. Anyways hope you guys aren't finding it too stressful and thanks for reading! 

Changing for society...

Tonights topic is changing yourself. When you change your appearance or your personality for someone. Friend or boyfriend. Everyone says: If they don't like you for who you are then they shouldn't be your friend. We'll let me tell you, after a while of lieing to your 'friends' it's hard to suddenly go back to your normal self. When you act one way around your true friends and then another way around your 'others' it's usually because they are supposedly 'cooler' than you. Well no one will know if they are cooler than you if you never show your true colours and yes you might get people saying: omg she is so weird, or omg she has such a strange fashion sense. But in the long run it will be easier for your friends that fit in with you to become your friends rather than you fit in with people that are complete opposites to you. I have been through this and I'm telling you, it feels like there is no way out and you have to live like this forever, but if you slowly go back to your real self then you will find it a lot easier than going
Hey! This is the real me!!!
And if they don't like you for who you are then you have two options. You can go back to living under them and not doing what you want to do or you can break free and let them go and in the end this is the best thing to do. 
Have faith in what your real friends-true friends are telling you as they know you better than you think. 
Stay strong. Be wise.


So many people think that boys and girls are completely different species and need to be treated differently because they are opposite sexes. BUT! In complete and honest truth, we are kind of both the same. No I am not a boy, so I don't know from first hand experience, but having friends that are boys is just as good.

Someone asked me the other day what to do if a boy was a real arsehole in the past, but seems to have changed, however you aren't sure and you don't want anything bad to happen.
 Well firstly, you need to act like you don't know what happened in the past, and to be honest, boys don't remember small things that happened like that anyway. So if you can put them aside then you will be starting on a clean slate.

Make sure you get to know him first before you start telling him anything personal. And this bit goes without saying, but make sure you know it is definitely the person you think it is if you are chatting online. Even if it is just a 'Hi there how you doing?' It's amazing what people can get hold of on the internet these days, and what with everyone on Facebook, and not really understanding the word privacy, people need to be extra careful when chatting to others online. Not just of the opposite sex either, just generally with your friends.

Once you know that you are chatting to the right person and that they don't want anything from you like money or anything else... Then, depending on your trust of them, you can start getting more personal. Now this can just be going from: 'Oh I'm good thanks,' to 'Not very good to be honest because ect.' You aren't just telling them how you feel, you are giving them the opportunity to ask about whether you are ok.

This is another thing. Try and say things that are going to keep the conversation flowing. Obviously don't jabber on and not let the other person talk, but try to be kind of slightly interesting, instead of, 'yeh I'm good wbu?' This only leaves the other person to kepp it flowing and if this other person doesn't really like you but you haven't realized it yet, then they might just stop the conversation all together.

One last thing on this, but if they keep going, 'Oh sorry I gtg talk laterz,' then no offense, but they might just be trying to get out of an awkward situation. On the other hand, they could just be really busy. And also if they say brb a lot then eventually realize that they think this means gtg so they don't come back. (Be right BACK.)

If any of this relates to you then just keep it in mind that I am not a relationships specialist and i probably never will be, but I have put this up because I feel like it's a situation a lot of girls are in sometimes.

So remember fellow girls. Keep your head up, Keep your heart strong. And don't wear your heart on your sleeve. Ie. Don't fall in love with every guy that you meet and give out too much information, as they may use it in the future to back fire onto you.

Thanks for reading <3

Friday, 18 July 2014

Cute hairstyles for everyday!

We all have beautiful hair on our heads, yet sometimes I look in the mirror in the morning and just see a complete mess up there! I have no idea what I will do with my hair and just panic and put it up into a pony tail. Does anyone else have this problem? Good. Glad I'm not the only one! Aha!

Here are some hair styles that will take at the most ten minutes and once you have practiced them, will look gorgeous and effortless. Before each hair style, give your hair a good brush and before the styles that require heat, apply heat protector generously!

The Side Fishtail Braid.

This braid looks so stunning if done correctly, but can also look beautifully casual, as if it just fell into place overnight. Not in the bed head style if you were worried!

Step One:
Pull all of your hair, to the side you have decided you want the braid. If you want to do one on each side then just follow the steps but just repeat yourself on the opposite side! This is twice as cute and still looks gorgeous. 
Experiment and see what parting you prefer and will look best with your hair.

Step Two:
Split your hair into two parts.

Step Three:
Take a section of hair from the back of the farthest (The part that's closer to the back of your head. Lets call this Part B) and place this section in Part A. Then take a section from the front of Part A and place it with Part B. Repeat this process to the bottom of your hair. Secure with a hair elastic. This hair style looks perfect with a clear elastic which you can by from any drugstore or supermarket. 
If you have a side fringe, like me, then style it however you like. I tend to take any bits that have fallen from the braid, twist them into a spiral and then secure with a hair pin.

It may take you a few times to get it perfect but once you have mastered how to do it, it is one of the quickest and cutest braid I have done.

Half Up, Half Down with Curls.

I love having my hair down, but sometimes I don't want it all in my face. So I put half of it up and leave half of it down. This looks cute and fun, and would be perfect for work or school, especially if they don't like you having your hair down. You can simply say, "But Miss? It is up? See!" However sometimes I like to add an extra touch to it. Here is my twist on the classic Half Up, Half Down look.

Step One:
Loose any partings you may have in your hair unless it is a full front fringe. Then please be my guest and style it how you usually would. 

Step Two:
Brush your hair back to make the top of your head look like a classical ponytail. Take your fingers and act like you are tucking your hair behind your ears, but carry on around to the back of the head with the desired amount of hair you want tied up.

Step Three: Secure the hair that has been pull back with a hair clip, or a hair elastic. If going for the hair elastic option, try to keep it subtle. No bright pinks or yellows ect.

Step Four: Take your curling iron (Which should be hot, so be careful!) and a small or large section of your hair hanging loose, depending on how tight you want the curls to be. Wrap the hair around the curling iron, or clip the end of your hair into the curling iron and wind upwards, depending on what curling impliment you own and hold there for about 20-30 seconds. 
REMEMBER! The thinner you have the hair loose, the lower the heat setting needs to be. If you can't change the heat setting or you have a high heat level, then reduce the amount of time you leave it on your hair. You don't want to singe your hair off!
Release the hair and spray the curl immediately with hairspray.
Repeat this process around the back and the other side of your head and for good measure, spray the whole lot with a bit of hairspray just to keep it in place. Your good to go!

The Doughnut Bun.
Last year I discovered the joys of hair doughnuts. They are named so, because they look like a ring doughnut.  Here is a quick, simple and elegant hair style that will put regular bun wearers to shame.

Step One: 
Take your pre-brushed hair and put into a high pony tail on the top of your head. The best way to do this for this particular style is by flipping your head upside down and tying the hair up like that, making sure it is as tight or loose as you would like.

Step Two:
Take your doughnut, in whichever size preferred, and pass the hair through the hole in the middle. 

Step Three:
Spread the hair across the doughnut outwards and place a hair elastic over the doughnut, securing the hair in place.

Step Four: Wrap the remaining hair around the base of the doughnut and secure with hair pins or hair grips. 
Hairspray the bun and any fly-aways and your done! 

If you have a fringe or side fringe style this the way you would like to and give that a spray too. With side fringes I like to leave a few hairs out to frame the face.

Hope you guys can now look in the mirror in the morning and go, "I know what I am going to do today!" 

Thank you guys for reading and keep a look out for more from Beau to Belle. Bye!

Care for your Hair! Tips from me to you :D

Caring for your hair is so important, whether it is long or short, frizzy or straight; you need to make sure you look after it.

Here are some steps on how to keep your hair how it should be, gorgeous.

Step One: Make sure you keep it clean. It may sound obvious but you need to wash it at least three times a week. Unless you are going for the dreadlocks look. Aha :) Try to use separate Shampoo and Conditioning treatments as apposed to an all in one, as they tend to treat your hair better.

Don't wash your hair too much with Shampoo and Conditioner, ie: Every morning and evening. The products will slowly break down the oils in your hair and leave it dry and possibly frizzy. You can wash it just with water every day, and keep it clean instead! And it takes about half the time as well!

Step Two: Brush your hair! Again it may sound obvious, but try to brush your hair free of any knots or tangles as often as possible. If possible, don't brush your hair when it wet, as it will have a tendency to snap and break. This also causes split ends and nobody wants that! Combing your hair is a much better option, however if you are like me and can't bear to have knotty hair, then give it a brush. But try not to do it too much.

Step Three: Keep those split ends under control! As I said above, nobody likes split ends! Get your hair cut from as little as every month, to as much as every 3-4 months. Its up to you, but when you can split the split ends apart its time for a hair cut. You don't have to chop the whole head of hair off! Just the ends. So don't put it off because the longer you leave it, the more that needs to be cut off.

Step Four: Don't kill your hair even more by straightening it and curling it every day! You will start to notice your hair getting drier and drier every time you apply heat to your hair if you excessively style your hair with heat. If you want to use heat, try to use heat protector spray or shampoo and conditioning products.

Step Five: Don't dye your hair a different colour every week or so! Dying your hair damages it the worst out of any processes. Not only does it change the colour of your hair, but it dries it out and before your know it your roots are showing. Of course, I'm not saying you have to keep your natural hair colour for your whole life, but try to keep the colour changing processes to a minimum. This also includes using lightening shampoo's. Example? John Frieda Go blonder Shampoo and Conditioner. I use these products on my hair as it has been dyed blonde. However after the first wash and blow dry I realized that it dried my hair out incredibly badly. So I use it and one wash and then another set the next wash, and then swap like that, to ensure that my hair doesn't suffer too badly. I believe the products have bleach of some kind in them, so this is why I am not going to use it after the summer is over, as I will give my hair a year long break. Aha. It will need it!

So just remember, when your looking at the models online, and admiring their hair, they look after their hair well and you should too! Hair doesn't just stay clean and radiant on its own. You need to put the effort in!

Thank you for reading! Expect more from Beau to Belle soon! Bye!!